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Label: Nimbus Ritinitis

Origin: Northern Greece

Appellation: Traditional appellation

Region: Slopes of Kamara, Oraiokastro Thessaloniki

Variety: Assyrtiko maceration 100%

Type: Retsina traditional appellation,Orange Resinated wine

History of the label: The recipe of this retsina came a century ago to our family by our grand grandfather who was a winemaker in East Romilia- a region located at present Bulgaria. Its name means orange cloud and it pictures a landscape in our vineyards during the early evening hours.

Tasting notes:

Bright yellow to amber colour. Intense nose with emerging aromas of thyme, lavender, oregano and ginger.

Herbal and vegetal notes in the palate, with an intensive expression of bergamot and kumquat along with resin and thyme. Hints of Chios mastic at finish prove the quality of the pine resin used. Balanced acidity with a fruity and herbal feeling in the long lasting aftertaste.

Vineyard notes:












140m above sea level

Winemaking report:

The skins of Assyrtiko macerated in stainless steel tanks with the must for 5-8 days at low temperature. The grapes are destemed. After removal of the pomace, the must produced by the first run juice ferments at 18º- 21º C for 20-30 days. During the fermentation high quality pine resin from the mountains of Evia is added, following the ancient recipe. Spontaneous alcoholic fermentation with indigenous yeasts, no oenological substances added, followed by spontaneous malolactic fermentation. The produced wine is racked from the very dense sediments and stirred on fine lees for three months in old barriques. No protein stabilization, only tartaric stabilization. No fining, no filtration. No sulfites added.

Aging potential:

Aging potential up to 5 years. The wine is bottled with a natural cork closure, in order to ensure a unique aging capacity. Ideal serving temperature between 12-16ο C.